Embedded PCs can be integrated into many applications in the transport industry. Thanks to their robustness and input/output flexibility, a solution designed for one environment can quickly be deployed for another.

Applications in transportation range from ticket dispensers in buses to train driving and switch control. 


From the rugged intelligent router to train control and monitoring, an exclusive partner of NLE provides the reliability and safety required for railway applications.

Securing communications and controlling WIFI internet access in parallel while managing passenger information in vehicles becomes a node in the company's global network.

For example, the SBC card has been deployed for both networking and train control (PTC).

A key function of train applications is the support of serial link isolation from digital and analogue GPIOs.

Geolocation and Fleet Management

From the basic geolocation application to the real vehicle black box, the auto motive car uses more and more PCs.

Intelligent vehicles recall and record revisions, incidents, usage history.

NLE's partners offer packaged solutions, ready to use for this type of function: Adapted 12/24VDC power supply, GPS, Wifi, GPRS in option.

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