NLE provides computers to equip ships, submarines, fast intervention boats.

Thanks to our partner Aitech, we offer solutions capable of navy certifications.

All products are available in extended temperature range: -40°C to +70°C.

All boards can be delivered coated to withstand salty and humid environments.

The VPX technology is very adapted. The final solution is much cheaper than equivalent solutions in  PIC MG and other technologies.

The VPX technology mecha-Lego allows to realize dedicated environmental control units for a very specific function starting from COTS (Computer On The Shelf) products.

The result is the best combination of cost, robustness and small size.

NLE has been working for a long time with VPX experts in fields as varied as: DIGI BUS, ARINC, Framegrabber, Video Compression etc...

NLE guarantees the homogeneity of the solution. All cards are tested and the methodology can be defined with the customer beforehand.

NLE offers complete systems with case on request.