NLE provides board solutions for ECUs mounted on combat aircraft, helicopters and civil aviation.

Thanks to our partner Aitech, we offer solutions capable of being DO160, DO254 or DO178 certified.

All products are available in extended temperature range: -40°C to +70°C.

All boards can be delivered coated, with the large components potted, and BGA glued (underfilling).

With these options, we guarantee the resistance to landing and gunfire: (50G 11ms).

The VPX technology is very suitable. The solution is much cheaper than equivalent solutions in PIC MG and others.

The VPX technology mecha-Lego allows to work by function.

NLE has been working for about ten years with experts of different functions : ARINC 1553 or 429 bus, MIL STD 1275 and 461E, compatible power supply card, video acquisition card, Giga Vision compatible 4xGigaLan card etc...

NLE guarantees the homogeneity of the solution. All boards are tested and the test methodology can be defined with the customer beforehand.

NLE offers complete systems and custom cards on request.