The embedded PC offers enormous possibilities for hardware connections and software bases. It also guarantees migration possibilities in the future.

This results in significant savings with the reuse of existing hardware and software. The development of new applications is therefore shorter.

Through the advantages of high resolution and low-latency encoders/resolvers, motors can be controlled and a task can be supervised in detail.                                           

Ethercat and field buses are supported by the operating systems.

What they have in common :

All cards offered provide serial ports: RS232, 485, 422 and I/O (GPIO). For example, you can use them directly for PID control of a process or redundancy of an existing system. Thanks to the 2 Ethernet ports, the network can be isolated from the process network of the company.


Reliable and easy to implement, SBC boards are the solution for robotic applications. We can offer the latest Intel solution to be able to integrate video processing needs.

The latest Intel Atom solution embeds optional RAM and SSD on a single SBC board.