There are many reasons to choose an embedded PC for a medical application.

The use of COTS (Computer On The Shelf) allows a short time to market.

When this COTS has a 7-year warranty and an MTBF of more than 300,000 hours, it is easy to see why the PC is the choice for measuring, imaging and diagnostic equipment.

NLE offers fan-less solutions, and ISO 13485 on request.

Medical Imaging

MRI, Ultrasound and Scanner use 2D and 3D in real time. The imaging is embarked in airplanes or ambulances. All these uses require high-performance PCs capable of simultaneous graphics and computing power.

NLE's partners offer architectures based on the latest Intel or AMD processors.

They are capable of handling two displays with Full HD resolutions.

VGA, LVDS, HDMI, Display Port outputs are standard.

Medical Diagnostics

Clinical and biological analyzers are used worldwide for automatic analysis tasks. Blood analyzers and chemical analyzers do the work automatically.

The advantage of a powerful embedded PC is the possibility for the manufacturer to reduce the size of his equipment.